The Scheme

Hydro Ogwen Location

The site is located approximately 0.7km south of Bethesda on the Afon Ogwen watercourse.

The proposed scheme will utilise the water which flows in the Afon Ogwen watercourse. In summary the scheme includes an intake weir sited across Afon Ogwen (grid ref SH62620 65408), a buried pipe leading down to a turbine house which is approximately circa 380m downstream (grid ref SH 62483 65666) with an outfall pipe returning the water at grid ref SH 62497 65666.

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Hydro Ogwen is a low drop 100 kW scheme and the weir will be build on the riverbed above the waterfalls below Pont Ogwen. There will be a chamber and screen parallel to the weir and from there a water pipe (900mm in diameter) will be buried under the Lôn Las Ogwen cycle path running all the way down to the turbine building, a 5.5 metre square structure. It will connect to the grid via a transformer on one of the existing electricity poles located nearby.


Hydro Ogwen is a 100kw scheme and we estimate that we will generate approximately 500,000Kwh per year. The energy generated by the turbine will go directly to the National Grid. We have already secured a grid connection by Scottish Power, the local distribution operating company.

Assessinig the Environmental Impact

Hydro Ogwen scheme was assessed by independent experts and by Natural Resources Wales officers throughout the whole process. In order to ensure the least possible impact on the biodiversity, ecology and natural environment of the site, we reduced the size of our scheme from a 500Kw scheme to a 100kw scheme. We received grants from the Welsh Government and other to pay for the support of specialist consultants to assess the likely impact of the scheme on fish, geomorphology, trees and species such as bats and otters and more. These reports were submitted as part of our planning and abstraction licence applications.

The Hydro Ogwen scheme will produce energy from a clean, renewable source. The scheme could provide sufficient electricity to power more than 100 homes and reduce carbon emissions by over 245 tonnes of CO2 each year.


Planning Permission and Abstraction Licence Permission

Hydro Ogwen received planning permission by Gwynedd Council’s Planning Authority on the 29th May 2015 and we received our Abstraction Licence by Natural Resources Wales on the 7th of January 2016.

Investing in the Scheme

The initial costs of developing the scheme, including feasibility studies, planning application, abstraction licence application, advice on administrative and corporate structures, legal fees etc were supplies by means of grant, resources or support provided by: Ynni’r Fro (Welsh Government), Wales Cooperative Centre, Waterloo Foundation, Natursave Trust and Gwynedd Community Investment Fund. The project has been managed to date by Partneriaeth Ogwen and the Chief Officer’s time has been invested in kind to develop this key community project in the valley.

We started building in May 2016, and hope to be generating electricity by early March 2017.

Having estimated the capital costs of Hydro Ogwen to be approximately £520,000, we aimed to raise at least £160,000 of this through operating a community share offer. This community share offer was overwhelmingly successful with  a staggering £459,600 being raised in just two months. This sum, as well as reduced building costs covered  the entire costs associated with the hydro.




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